Class of 2020





Good afternoon everyone. My name is Anna and on behalf of the graduating class of 2020, it is my pleasure to welcome and thank every student, family, and faculty member for celebrating the graduation day of the International College today.

A few years ago, each one of us made the decision to be a part of the international college. I believe in every step of the way, there are some challenges that made us want to pack our bags and just go home, simply because it would be the easier choice. Some have done that. So today as you look around, to your classmates and teachers, you will realized that you are the strong ones. And you should be very proud of your perseverance and your accomplishment.

I remembered when I decided to transfer from the Music department to the SSE program, some professors laughed at me. They told me that I would regret my decision because the International College is too new. It's an uncertain choice. But I also remembered that before signing the form, I went to talk to James Sims, my freshman English teacher at that time, and John Perez, the SSE Colombian professor and I remembered that they assured me that if I chose to transfer to the International College, my classmates and I would be pioneering the first class to graduate from the SSE program. And there is not even a single moment of regret about my decision to be a part of the IC. I do not know about each one of you, but I do believe that you were convinced not only to stay, but were also inspired by these professors to keep going and finish the race. That is why you are here today.

I don't dare to talk about hopes and dreams like how they often do in normal graduation ceremonies. Because to be honest, the world we are going into after this graduation is not that pretty. It is not going to be easy to reach our dreams, but we do have to remember, that after all these years, we did not give up. So later on, when life gets difficult, never give up on yourself. So, whether you decide to take a year off to travel, climb the corporate ladder, or get married and start a family with the love of your life, always be proud of your achievements in life, big or small.

Before we close this chapter in our lives and start the next one, it is important to thank all the people that have been there for us along the way. To all our families for their love and guidance throughout the years. To our professors, you have done your part beautifully. To the administrators, Yingyi, Agnes, and Kelly who took care of us with love, we say XieXie!

To conclude, I will quote our favorite dean, Dr. James sims with a heartfelt and enduring “Jaiyou Jiayou”!

Thank you and Congratulations!

Tjin Anna
June 17, 2020






Hello everyone, I'm Yaya from the International College.

International College has two programs, International Business Administration and Sustainable Science and Engineering.

As students of the IC, we were able to enjoy plenty of resources provided by our excellent professors. The IC not only nurtures us into possessing global mindsets, but also cultivates us into becoming strong leaders. The very spirit of the IC is best represented by its friendly environment and talented professors.

Furthermore, we have students and staff members representing numerous backgrounds and cultures. This gives us a unique opportunity to listen to voices and perspectives that we might not have heard before, and most importantly, learn how to become empathetic as global citizens of the world.

It has always been both my pleasure and honor to be a part of the IC family. So as we wave our goodbyes to the past few memorable years of our lives, we also have to keep in mind that with every end comes a new beginning. With that being said, I wish you all a happy graduation and good luck with your future endeavors my friends.

Yaya Chen
June 13, 2020