2022 Experience Sharing

Eric Huang • 黃睿綸



Hi, everyone, I am a sophomore in the International College of IBA program and the vice president of the IBA Student Association. I had the honor to get into the IBA program and gained a lot of valuable experiences in the past year. College life is significantly different from high school. Not only are the studies important, but extracurricular participation in college life is. 


Professors in the International College are really friendly, willing to give learning opportunities to students, and help out with us. The mentor system is one of the advantages of the International College that we are proud of. If we have any language learning problems, any difficulties concerning our life, or anything we are worried about, we can find them in the International College and consult with them. They are more like friends than teachers, to be honest. The International College is definitely an international learning environment with teachers and students from all over the world studying and having fun together. IBA Student Association also regularly organizes various extracurricular and festival activities, which strengthens the cohesiveness of the International College’s teachers and students, and relieves students’ pressure of learning and studies as well.




Irene Lin • 林姀葳


I major in International Business Administration (IBA) at Tunghai
University. Due to the globalization, having business backgrounds is crucial
and that’s the reason why I applied to IBA. We have a variety of curriculum of
business courses, such as economics, global leadership and marketing
management etc. From my perspective, one of my favorite courses is global
leader, which is a course that will have many speakers who are leaders of
corporations. Each speaker will share their points of view, any experience or
suggestions at workplaces. Most importantly, most of them are also looking
for internships which are great opportunities to learn new things. What’s
more, we have a plenty of opportunities for exchange program, studying
overseas, internships and even the exchange program. On top of that, we have
professors, mentors and students from all over the world, which can help enhance

English-speaking skills and broaden our global visions in these all-
English surrounding.

For me, I want to do exchange program in Spain in the future, and
International College (IC) offers useful and helpful information such as
scholarships and so on. All in all, if you are fond of foreign culture or study
and work abroad, IBA will be the best option for you. Step out of your comfort
zone and be the best version of yourself!



Anne Cheng • 鄭筑勻


在永續 有許多面向的學習和接觸,你可以有很多元的探索跨領域合作的機會。



Peter Sheng • 沈修平



I chose this program because I want to enhance my problem-solving ability and my interest in sustainability. When I entered the program, the professors were enthusiastic and supportive. They have inspired us and taught us to apply the fundamental of science to an engineering solution that could solve climate change or any issues regarding sustainability. Sustainability is not just restricted to one subject. It is also applicable to government regulation, economy, and humanities. Sustainability provides me with an infinite idea and manifests multiple paths for my future. Without any doubt, I have broadened my scientific knowledge throughout my journey in Sustainability Science and Engineering program.