2019 Graduate Alumni




Anna • 程筱涵



I’m currently working in Singapore Airlines as flight stewardess, to provide premium service onboard for passengers and ensure the safety for each flight. During my four years in IC, I had chance to study with students and teachers from different countries, and enjoy different events such as Halloween party, Christmas party held by student council.In third year of college, I went to Paris for a year as exchange student, which is definitely one of unforgettable memories in my life.IC is just like my second home. I would say what I have gotten from IC made me where I am today!



Carol • 董冠妤



Carol is a bilingual professional thriving on audience-focused content creation with 3 years of solid experiences in localization, copy-writing, and journalism. She currently works as a Content Marketing Manager in LuvSide, a Germany-based startup specialized in small vertical axis wind turbines and renewable energy innovation. During her 4 years in the IBA program, she participated in a short-term joint program in Kwansei Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan and completed a 6-month exchange semester in Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. While working as a freelance Chinese-English translation specialist, she also worked in various companies as an intern, employee, and contractor.
Dec 2019 – Now  Content Marketing Manager, LuvSide GmbH(Munich, Germany)
Apr 2016 – Feb 2020  Chinese Language Ambassador Consultant, Snap Inc. (Snapchat)
Mar 2019 – Nov 2019  Journalist, DQ 地球圖輯隊
Nov 2015 – Nov 2019  Freelance Chinese-English Translation Specialist
Feb 2017 – Jul 2017  Content Intern, RD English (YouTuber)
Dec 2015 – Jul 2016  Brand Ambassador, Uber



Elaine • 鄭伊涵



Hello, I am Elaine Cheng. I graduated from IBA in 2019. I entered into University of Illinois Urbana Champaign to pursue the degree in Master of Science in Accountancy right after graduated from both Tunghai University and University of Rhode Island.I had so many great memories in IBA, such as Christmas party and IC night. The most special and memorable experience was the dual degree program. I spent my junior and senior years in University of Rhode Island. I changed to accounting major when I applied for the program.

During those two years, I met many friends from different countries, and I experienced how different the university in the United State is. Most importantly, I learned not only the knowledge we learned in class is important, but also the soft skills we possess are important as well.

Thanks for International College providing a whole English teaching environment, so I did not experience hard times getting used to the lectures in United State. Looking back at those two years in the state, I do not have any regret of making this choice. I would say that I could not be who I am without those two-year experiences.



AOwen • 楊依霖



Hi guys! My name is Owen Yang, the graduate of IBA in 2019. After graduation, I started my double master degrees of design and PR & Advertising in UNSW, Sydney. At the same time, I became a social media intern in Success Resources, the world's largest education seminar company across 35 countries. However, I always believe all of these would not happen that easy without the education I had in IBA. I truly feel so lucky to get the chance to be a part of IBA which changed my life by educating me to be a good leader who always thinks outside the box.

During my 3+1+X program to UNSW in my senior year, I got the chance to bring my startup idea to Australia and we were ranked in the top 9% in UNSW Peter Farrell Cup Start-up Competition 2018 among 500 groups at the end.

This also made me become the one to represent Taiwanese international students to be featured on the cover of the UNSW 2020 international student guide. The culture adaptability and awareness developed through my study in IBA gave me the great potential to fit in and stand out in any international occasion. Plus, gratitude is the greatest thing that IBA taught me in the past four years and it made me a better person who never stop thinking about making this world a better place.



Sarah • 何童羚



My name is Sarah Hor, I am from Malaysia. I am currently doing graduate program in Brock University, Canada, major in Marketing. I was grateful to have many professors and seniors that inspired and encouraged me during my study in IBA. I decided to study overseas since sophomore. The preparation to study overseas was not easy but I received support and courage from professors and seniors, which motivates me to be in Canada today. Being a business master student, I realize that solid foundation of business knowledge and language skills are crucial.

I am thankful that I was well educated in IBA, so that I can easily adjust to the environment abroad. IC started small, but we were close, like a family. We shared every joy and tears and it was satisfying to see each other’s growth. I was proud to be one of the members in IC and hopefully one day in the future, I will make IC proud as well.



Xaviera • 邱于仙



I am currently studying in the Institute of Service Science in Tsing Hua University. The days in IBA is like a memorable four-year journey to me. During this four-year, I had met lots of friends and classmates from the world. In fact, I used to afraid of speaking English in front of everyone, but after the four years of training and practices in class, I could talk to friends and classmates In English confidently. Even better, the teaching environment here is desirable. The relationship between a professor and a student is like a friend, so you don't feel too stressed when studying in this international environment.

IBA program is particularly special to me because it focuses on student’s English interview and presenting skills, which gave me an edge over others. I appreciate that I am part of the IBA Family which helps me with English learning because it is such an important skill in a globalized world.