Tunghai University International College Sustainability Science and Engineering Program Faculty Recruiting Announcement

date : 2020-01-02

A full-time assistant professor (above) is available in the Sustainability Science and Engineering (SSE) Program of the International College, starting August 1, 2020. The SSE Program is an undergraduate degree-conferring (Bachelor of Science), English-immersion program. The program focuses on fostering talents to fill the needs of sustainable development, and is seeking faculty members dedicated to undergraduate teaching in an English-taught, liberal arts focused academic program. Applicants with the following qualifications are encouraged to submit their applications:

  1. Strong English proficiency. All SSE lectures are conducted in English.
  2. A doctoral degree (Ph.D) in fields related to sustainability.


Application Materials:

1) Cover letter in English
2) CV in English
3) Copy of diploma
4) English copy of graduate transcripts
5) Three reference letters in English
6) A teaching and research statement in English


Deadline: April 06, 2020. Please enclose email-address and phone/cell-phone numbers and send to all application materials (hard-copies only) to Personnel Office, Tunghai University. P.O. Box 990, No. 1727, Section 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan 40704, R.O.C (Sustainability Science and Engineering Faculty Recruitment)


In addition, please email a copy of application materials and applicant information form (see attachment) to and


Submitted application materials will not be returned.;; Tel : 886-4-2359-0121 ext. 39200