SSE Students Raise Awareness to Climate Change at Taipei Climate Demonstration

date : 2019-12-05

On Saturday, November 30, 42 students from the International College’s Science, Sustainability and Engineering major, along with professor Cara Lin Bridgman and IC mentor Brianka Yzaguirre, traveled to Taipei to participate in a peaceful demonstration intended to raise awareness to climate change issues. The aim of the demonstration, which took place inside Taipei 101, was to inform visitors and answer any questions they may have about climate change. SSE students used both English and Chinese language skills to converse with passersby, using knowledge they had learned in class to inform others about issues related to global warming.


The climate demonstration in Taipei 101 was put on by Greenpeace, an international organization focused on environmental issues, and inspired by the renowned young Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. To prepare for the demonstration, SSE students created handmade posters in multiple languages portraying their concerns about climate change. Students also carried flags with them during the demonstration that represented their own home countries, including Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.    

After the climate demonstration, students shared their experiences at the event over a lunch of vegetarian pizza. Though the day was a full one, the efforts of students and professors were certainly worthwhile. Their hard work helped to make a statement about the importance of understanding climate change and changing daily habits to minimize long term impacts on the environment. Once again, IC students took their learning outside of the classroom and used their knowledge to impact the world around them. Eventually, these students will graduate and need to incorporate what they learn into future careers. On Saturday, they proved that they are already gaining the skills needed to share the knowledge they gain with the wider public.