The IC is Going to Mars!

date : 2019-11-15

As you no doubt have heard, the International College recently moved to a new office. This move proved that IC students, faculty and staff are highly adaptable to new environments. However, this weekend at the Mission Mars event at the National Museum of Natural Science, IC Sustainability Science and Engineering (SSE) students proved that IC students can truly survive anywhere, even on Mars!
Every year, Tunghai University’s College of Science organizes the Mission Mars event for science students to explore exciting topics about the future of space travel and human life on Mars. The weekend event is also a chance for university and high school students to interact. This year, for the third-annual Mission Mars event, two groups of students from the SSE stole the show with their fascinating projects and eye-catching displays.

Third-year SSE students Francisca Tania and Josh McIsaac presented their research on the Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell, which is the same type of cell used on the International Space Station. With the help of their professor Mishra Mrinalini, who has years of experience researching fuel cell technology, they built a working model of the fuel cell and presented it alongside their research posters. Although not as showy as other projects at the event, their humble battery intrigued people of all ages to come and ask questions.

Senior SSE student Ban Linch’s project addresses the problem of food production in the harsh environment of Mars. To resolve this issue, Ban designed and built a bio-dome and hydroponics system for growing plants on Mars. With a life-size model dome and planters made of plastic pipes and tall, bright fluorescent lights, Ban’s project attracted much attention. Everybody— other students, event visitors and, even, reporters from student news groups— wanted to get a chance to ask Ban about his project. 

Overall, these student’s projects were great successes. Their research for this event has inspired these students to continue their research on these topics for their SSE senior projects. Considering their great success already, the IC will have an office on Mars in no time!


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