Guidance and Templates

date : 2022-01-17

 Internship Course Guideline 


 Office Deadline

(updated: 2024/03/21)

1. 2024 Summer Internship (during June 24th – September 22nd) :
Submission period: 2024/05/23 - 2024/05/31 by 12:00 p.m.

2. 2024 Fall Semester Internship (during September 23rd – January 11th) :
Submission period: 2024/08/20 - 2024/08/29 by 12:00 p.m.


*Note 1: Those who cannot submit their summer internship documents in time must deliver them during the submission period for the fall semester internship. The insurance for internships be completed by the application deadline and cannot to added at a later date.

*Note 2: Applications must arrive by the deadline. No waiting for late-comers!



 1. Intern Excel Data

        Intern Excel Data (***Available in the "Internship Course" group on the LINE app)

    2. Form A

        Form A (in Chinese) Internship Credit Application 

        Form A (in English) Internship Credit Application 

    3. Form B

        Form B1 (in Chinese) Taiwan Internship Contract - Intern

        Form B1 (in English) Taiwan Internship Contract - Intern

        Form B2 (in Chinese) Taiwan Internship Contract - MA / Official trainee

        Form B2 (in English) Taiwan Internship Contract - MA / Official trainee

        Form B3 (in English) Overseas Internship Contract - Intern

        Form B4 (in English) Overseas Internship Contract - MA / Official trainee

  4. Form C

        Form C (English only) Internship Program Report (***Available on iLearn)

   5. Form D

        Form D (in Chinese) Employer Evaluation

        Form D (in English) Employer Evaluation



 Relevant laws of preventing sexual harassments

  Laws of preventing sexual harassments (實習-性侵害、性騷擾或性霸凌之防治宣導教育)

  Sexual Harassment Prevention Related Video(性騷擾防治相關影音)