International Business Administration Minor


About the International Business Administration Minor


This 20-credit minor is designed to foster a student’s skills in both business and English by combining state of the art business classes with an entirely English curriculum. Students will not only gain an in-depth understanding of English, but also hands-on knowledge of international business affairs. Classes such as Leadership & Global Citizen for the 21stCentury and Marketing Management will ensure our students are prepared for a new, global world.



Why Minor in International Business Administration?

The IBA Minor will provide graduates with a unique set of highly valuable skills so that they will be equipped to accurately navigate the modern global economy. Between their chosen Majors and the IBA Minor, graduates will undoubtedly become some of the most sought after candidates in their respective fields for any company or school due to their strong global oriented education.





Required Courses (9 Credits)   
  • GL: Leadership & Global Citizen for the 21st Century - 3 Credits
  • Principles of Management - 3 Credits
  • Marketing Management - 3 Credits
Electives (11 Credits)
  • Economics - 3 Credits
  • Accounting - 3 Credits
  • Business Statistics - 3 Credits
  • Organizational Behavior - 3 Credits
  • Human Resource Management - 3 Credits
  • Electronic Commerce - 3 Credits
  • Financial Management - 3 Credits
  • International Business Management - 3 Credits
  • Business Policy - 3 Credits
  • Business Ethics - 3 Credits
  • Seminar on Asia Pacific Business Management - 3 Credits