Chinese for International Students


About the Chinese for Foreign Students


As part of the International Business Administration program at Tunghai, international students are required to enroll in 8 hours/ per week of intensive foundametal Chinese language instruction during Freshman and 6 hours/ per week of intensive advanced Chinese language instruction at Tunghai’s Chinese Language Center, in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Further Chinese language study is available to international students in the junior, and senior years. 

The Chinese Language and Culture Program at Tunghai University offers a wide range of language and culture courses, with an emphasis on traditional characters and classical culture. Learning traditional Chinese characters instead of simplified characters enables the student to identify lexical forms and to appreciate the aesthetic power of Chinese calligraphy. Arts and culture courses enhance language study at all levels of background and ability.

 International Students can take advantage of special classes on Chinese cooking and cuisine, Holidays and festivals, and Chinese social customs, as well as sponsored field trips to Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Sun-Moon Lake, Anping Tree House, and others.※ For further information about the Chinese Language and Culture Program at THU, see



Special Features of Chinese Language Center


Studying at the CLC
  • Small class sizes, course content tailored to the individual
  • Excellent extracurricular tutors and guidance programs, helping students break through the bottleneck between classroom and real life
  • Guidance available to students intending to take the TOP Chinese proficiency test
  • CLC Facilities: Lounge, Computer Classroom, and Library

Teacher Qualifications
  • Full Instructors: instructors holding national certification with more than ten years of experience.
  • Instructor: instructors holding national certification, most of which have Master’s degrees or above.
  • Guidance Tutors: instructors who have completed a comprehensive course on Chinese pedagogy at the CLC.

CLC Students
Over the years, more than 7,000 students have walked through the doors of the CLC, hailing from more than 30 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, and Indonesia. Some are exchange students, some are missionaries, some international businessmen, and many more are simply international students of Chinese.