International Business Administration Program

International Business Administration Program

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The International Business Administration (IBA) program is an all-English undergraduate degree program that introduces students to important themes in global business and leadership. This program offers a diverse curriculum of business courses with an emphasis on fostering global awareness and cross-cultural communication. The IBA program is the first degree program to come out of Tunghai’s International College, which was established with the goal of creating an academic environment where students and staff expose one another to diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. In order to foster these cross-cultural experiences and exchanges, the International College brings in recent graduates from foreign universities to act as Mentors for the students, and invites foreign professors to teach various courses during a spring mini-mester. Students of the IBA program will gain a multifaceted understanding of global trends in business, economy, culture, and the arts, all in an international learning environment. Through language and multicultural immersion, students will learn about different cultures and global issues, and gain the skills to help them develop into leaders in business and management.


International Acceditation

The College of Management and International Business Administration (IBA) Program in Tunghai University are AACSB-accredited.


Special Features of the Program

  1. Truly an All English Program.
  2. International Environment- Teachers, Students and Exchange Students.
  3. Study Overseas Opportunity- Exchange Program, 2+2 Program, 3+2 Program.
  4. Interaction with Global Leaders from International Corporation and Successful Private Entrepreneurs that Lead to Internships and Jobs upon Graduation.
  5. Nurturing Environment with Teachers, Advisors, American Mentors, and Classmates.

Education Goal

  1. Theoretical and practical problem-solving abilities.
  2. Ontemporary management techniques and overall decision-making abilities.
  3. Information technology applications and leadership communication abilities.
  4. Global vision and passion for diversified learning.
  5. Holistic education and a positive attitude for lifetime learning.

Goals & Aspiration

  1. We will foster a quality learning environment and advance our educational potential
    .To integrate education, industry, and social service
    .To promote inter-departmental cooperation in teaching and research through inter-college curriculums, interdisciplinary computer labs, and common access to business databases
  2. We believe in a holistic education emphasizing a balance of humanities and technology
    .Providing information technology courses for students to acquire basic computer skills
    .Encouraging participation in general knowledge courses for students to gain awareness of contemporary issues in ethics, society, liberal arts, and humanities
  3. We will develop visionary leaders in business and management
    .By promoting international activities through our summer overseas field trips, exchange visiting programs, and study abroad programs
    .By offering an interdisciplinary curriculum in English for Chinese, Taiwanese, and international students
  4. We strive to enhance cooperation between education and industry in order to increase our students competitive advantage
    .Through workplace internships, certification courses, participative cases learning, and business visits
    .Through cooperative agreements with local industries and professional internships with established international businesses

Director’s Words

International mobility is a global phenomenon, and growing. It requires ensuring that graduates are better prepared as global citizens, with the ability to be multilingual and multicultural, to approach different cultures with tolerance, to be sensitive to global problems, and to develop international understanding and sensibility. We believe in international education, and our goal is to help you open up your horizons as well.

There are three unique advantages to the IBA Program at Tunghai. The first, global leadership courses, the second, an international experience, and the third, a mentor program.

Global Leadership Courses

Our Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration is composed of the traditional content courses found in most business programs. However, a unique feature is the Global Leadership (GL) Honors Program. The goal of the GL courses is to enhance students’ international awareness and global vision. Through coursework, public lectures, and special events and activities in an international atmosphere, students will gain a multi-faceted, factual, and first-hand understanding of global trends in business, economy, culture, and the arts. The GL program is designed to be completed in the first two years of study. These courses will also transfer as some of the General Education requirements at Trinity University, the University of Rhode Island, and others, as part of Tunghai’s Dual Degree Programs (2+2 Programs).


International Experience

The teachers, students, and study overseas opportunities create a unique international experience for students in the International College. The faculty of the International College is composed of both local and international teachers, and at the end of each spring semester, we invite American professors to come to Tunghai to teach during our 5-week Mini-mester Program. Also, a quarter of the student population (degree-seeking and exchange students) are from overseas (28 different countries). This combination of teachers and students creates a truly international environment. Moreover, the university has numerous exchange and double degree programs with leading universities around the world.

Mentor Program

Another unique feature of the International College is the Mentor Program. Each incoming class has an American mentor who helps students make the transition from high school to independent learners. They review the basic topics that were covered weekly by required and GL courses and help students with personal and academic problems, as well as facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents through a monthly newsletter. They also host cultural activities and help students with their international exchange and college applications. In short, they ensure that students are off to a good start on the road to success.

All best wishes in Academic Year 111. Study hard, set your sights high, and expand the boundaries of your imagination. With a global vision, anything is possible!

Warm regards,
Yevvon Chang