International College

International College

In 2014 Tunghai University, continuing its long tradition of international education, launched the International College. THU's International College is the first English-Immersion undergraduate program in Taiwan. The International College is an innovative liberal art-based College that aims to redefine how students see and interact with the world. In striving to achieve this vision, the International College is committed to providing an English immersion environment, interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential learning, and multi-cultural experiences. Moreover, the International College is collaborating with overseas partners that share THU's commitment to professional studies with a liberal arts foundation. Students are also encouraged to continue seeking learning experiences outside the classroom through meeting successful professionals, pursuing internships, and traveling abroad to engage in the world around them. Providing such an international environment gives us a distinct advantage to help students become leaders in the globalized 21st Century and grow a strong alumni network in Taiwan and around the world. Taiwanese students and their foreign counterparts are brought together under an English-based learning and living environment. Through in-class lectures, discussions and oral presentation, and overseas studies, our students can experience different cultures and study global issues with classmates from around the world.


Education goal & Learning Objectives

Education Goals

  1. Implementing a holistic, well-rounded education and cultivatng students to gain an understanding of science, the humanities and social care
  2. Deepen professional knowledge and foster students' teamwork and self-expression skills
  3. Cultivate students wit an international perspective and competitiveness
  4. Cultivate international experience and foreign language communication skills

Learning Objectives

  1. Ability to analyze problems
  2. Ability to communicate bilingually and internationally
  3. Ability to work in teams
  4. Leadership skills and abilities
  5. Self-study and self-discipline
  6. Self-help and helping others

Dean’s Words

The International College: Embellishing the Pioneering Spirit of Tunghai

The newest college at Tunghai University, the International College (IC), is strengthening the internationalization of the university and preparing students for the global community. The IC features English-taught Bachelor of Science degrees in International Business Administration (IBA) and Sustainability Science and Management (SSM). These programs focus on multi-disciplinary learning, global thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. A unique feature is the Liberal Arts approach of the Global Leadership (GL) Program. The goal of the GL courses is to enhance students’ international awareness and global vision. Through coursework, public lectures, and special events and activities in an international atmosphere, students gain a multi-faceted, factual, and first-hand understanding of global trends in business, world economy, ecology, culture, and the arts.

The teachers, students, and overseas study opportunities create a unique international experience for the students in the International College. The faculty of the International College is composed of both local and international teachers, and over a quarter of the student population (degree-seeking and exchange students) are from overseas (26 different countries). This combination of teachers and students creates a truly international environment. Moreover, the college offers numerous exchange and dual degree programs with leading universities around the world. Nearly 80% of the first graduating class of IBA students studied overseas before they graduated.

Another unique feature of the International College is the Mentor Program. Each incoming class has an American mentor who helps students make the transition from high school to independent learners in an all-English environment. The Mentors are from top Universities in America such as Duke, Davidson, Trinity, Arizona State, etc. In addition to helping students master English, they host cultural activities and help students with their international exchange and college applications. Simply, they ensure that students are off to a good start on the road to success.

The IC creates a nurturing environment for students. Two teachers in the IC have won the Tunghai University Outstanding Teacher Award for offering innovative courses. Mr. James Gillespie was recognized for being the first and only teacher in Taiwan to integrate the Color Accounting curriculum into his Accounting course. Color Accounting combines visual and kinesthetic learning practices to alleviate students’ fears of math. Students can then competently navigate the language of accounting and feel confident in their abilities. The year before, Dr. James Sims won the award for his Leadership & Global Citizen for the 21st Century course which features interaction with global leaders from large international corporations and successful private entrepreneurs. Each week the speakers talk about leadership and what it takes to be successful, as well as what they look for in employees and what skill sets students should develop. This course has led to internships for students and job offers upon graduation. The recent addition of Dr. Annie Y. Tsai, who is also the new Dean of the Office of International Relations, has also added a new Social and Cultural Psychology dimension to the International College.

Warm regards,
James Sims