High Speed Rail

You can come to the Tunghai University by taking Taiwan High Speed Rail. It takes around 38 minutes and costs NT$540. In addition to 38 minutes, you also need to take into account the time which is from the airport to the rail station and from the rail station to Tunghai University. Therefore, it may take at least 1.5 hours.

While arriving at the Taoyuan International Airport, you need to take the Union Bus (No. 705) to Taoyuan (桃園) High Speed Station. Then, buy a one-way ticket to Taichung (台中) High Speed Station. After arriving in Taichung, you can take the Taichung Bus (No.69), a taxi or a free shuttle bus to Tunghai University.

Intercity Buses

Taiwan's long distant highway transportation services are provided by private transportation companies: Guo- Guang Bus Corp. , Union Bus, Dragon Bus, Free Go Bus Corp. and Aloha Bus. They carry passengers on significant provincial highways and the freeways.

Owing to a more intensive service schedule, some bus companies even provide 24 hours service, plus more competitive ticket fares than airplane and train. The private transportation companies have become one of the most popular transportation service providers. However, for safety reasons, passengers are warned not to take any illegal highway bus (local people call it "Ye Ji" or Wild Chicken Bus) provided by those transportation companies without license.

Stops for the long distant highway transportation are scattered in different cities, but Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung are the main transfer stops.There are six bus companies now providing daily transportation service between Taoyuan International Airport and major cities around Taiwan. They are :Kuokuang Bus, Fe Go Express, Toward You Air Bus, United Highway, Evervoyage and Taoyuan Bus.

You can take a bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Chao-Ma (朝馬) bus station, Taichung (台中). It takes around 2 hours and costs NT$230~250. Then, take a taxi to Tunghai University (東海大學). It takes around 10 minutes and costs about NT$ 180.