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In 2014 Tunghai University, continuing its long tradition of international education, launched the International College. THU's International College is the first English-Immersion undergraduate program in Taiwan. The International College is an innovative liberal art-based College that aims to redefine how students see and interact with the world. In striving to achieve this vision, the International College is committed to providing an English immersion environment, interdisceplinary curriculum, experiential learning, and multi-cultural experiences. Moreover, the International College is collaborating with overseas partners that share THU's commitment to professional studies with a liberal arts foundation. Students are aslo encouraged to continue seeking learning experiences outside the classroom through meeting successful professionals, pursuing internships, and traveling abroad to engage in the world around them. Providing such an international environment gives us a distinct advantage to help students become leaders in the globalized 21st Century and grow a strong alumni network in Taiwan and around the world. Taiwanese students and their foreign counterparts are brought together under an English-based learning and living environment. Through in-class lectures, discussions and oral presentation, and overseas studies, our students can experience different culutres and study global issues with classmates from around the world.


International College, its present and future

2016 marks another memorable year for the burgeoning International College of Tunghai University. Our pioneering program, the International Business Administration Program (IBA), welcomed it newest class of excellent talents from all over Taiwan and other parts of the world. The program continues to grow not only in its academic standing, but also in the diversity of the students’ background. This is truly important to the mission of the International College, because through intercultural communication students learn to stimulate new ideas from diverse perspectives while respecting each other’s differences – a good way to “disrupt the status quo” in Taiwan’s higher education. Our second program, the Sustainability Science and Engineering (SSE), also welcomed its very first class. Through working with the IBA students and the mentors of the International College, the SSE students have already made a remarkable stride in

In only three years since Tunghai University launched the International College, we believe that our programs have been constantly improving and approaching the goals that we set at the very beginning of this new College. Aside from the English-immersion programs, we also emphasize providing diverse international-learning opportunities and liberal arts education, to our domestic and international students alike. One of the major reasons for the significant strides that we made is the committed effort from the mentors whom we invited every year from American universities. They have immensely helped bridging the faculty and the students in the communicating the expectations, values, and thoughts from both sides of the classroom.

The International College will continue to make major contributions to the internationalization of education in Tunghai University. The heritage of this University facilitates us to build our programs on the liberal arts approach with different concentrations – the only of its kind in Taiwan’s international education. New programs are to be launched in the coming years as the International College continues to be an integral part of the future of Tunghai University.

Through the dedicated work by all members of our College, I look forward to another productive year in 2017 and beyond.


Warm regards,

Walter Den


Education Goals

  1. Theoretical and practical problem-solving abilities.
  2. Contemporary management techniques and overall decision-making abilities.
  3. Information technology applications and leadership communication abilities.
  4. Global vision and passion for diversified learning.
  5. Holistic education and a positive attitude for lifetime learning.

Special Features

  1. Truly an All English Program.
  2. International Environment-Teachers, Students and Exchange Students.
  3. Study Overseas Opportunity-Exchange Program, 2+2 Program, 3+2 Program.
  4. Interaction with Global Leaders from International Corporation and Successful Private Entrepreneurs that Lead to Internships and Jobs upon Graduation.
  5. Nurturing Environment with Teachers, Advisors, Mentors, and Classmates.


The International College offers all English taught programs, promotes the liberal arts and sustainability studies, and embodies the ideals of humanism and professionalism. With an emphasis on cross-cultural communication, global leadership, and holistic fundamental education, the International College has designed a general education curriculum with coursework in contemporary trends in politics, economics and society; arts and letters; ecology and sustainability; and global citizenship for the 21st century. The goal of the Global Leadership Honors Program is to enhance students' international awareness and global vision. Through coursework, guest lectures, and English events and actvities in an international atmosphere, Honors Program students will gain multi-faceted, factual, and first-hand understanding of global trends in business, economy, culture, and the arts.

Global Leadership Honors Program Courses:

  GL  Personal Identity in Historical Perspective
  GL  Trends in Culture & the Arts
  GL  Trends in Global Ecology and Environment Change
  GL  Trends in Business & Trade
  GL  Leadership & Global Citizen for the 21st Century