International College


International College

In 2014 Tunghai University, continuing its long tradition of international education, launched the International College. THU's International College is the first English-Immersion undergraduate program in Taiwan. The International College is an innovative liberal art-based College that aims to redefine how students see and interact with the world. In striving to achieve this vision, the International College is committed to providing an English immersion environment, interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential learning, and multi-cultural experiences. Moreover, the International College is collaborating with overseas partners that share THU's commitment to professional studies with a liberal arts foundation. Students are also encouraged to continue seeking learning experiences outside the classroom through meeting successful professionals, pursuing internships, and traveling abroad to engage in the world around them. Providing such an international environment gives us a distinct advantage to help students become leaders in the globalized 21st Century and grow a strong alumni network in Taiwan and around the world. Taiwanese students and their foreign counterparts are brought together under an English-based learning and living environment. Through in-class lectures, discussions and oral presentation, and overseas studies, our students can experience different cultures and study global issues with classmates from around the world.

Education goal & Special features

Education Goals
  1. Theoretical and practical problem-solving abilities.
  2. Contemporary management techniques and overall decision-making abilities.
  3. Information technology applications and leadership communication abilities.
  4. Global vision and passion for diversified learning.
  5. Holistic education and a positive attitude for lifetime learning.

Special Features
  1. Truly an All English Program.
  2. International Environment-Teachers, Students and Exchange Students.
  3. Study Overseas Opportunity-Exchange Program, 2+2 Program, 3+2 Program.
  4. Interaction with Global Leaders from International Corporation and Successful Private Entrepreneurs that Lead to Internships and Jobs upon Graduation.
  5. Nurturing Environment with Teachers, Advisors, Mentors, and Classmates.

Dean’s Words

Facing this world of information explosion which possess 3V property of variety,velocity and volume, how to gear our students to be a matured person with self-disciplined, self-responsible and care of others is the mission of International College(IC).

Since 2014 of establishing this English-Immense College, three-legged structure of the College with Global Leadership, Liberal Arts and Professions has based on these solid bases, to design courses with potential and pioneering vision, and equip the students with life-long learning environment.

This year, IC has proud of to have the first-year students who graduated from one professional program of International Business Administration (IBA). Having ranked the top business program in Taiwan, we realize that our mission to success will come true.

While the whole universe faces climate changes and resources depletion, the issue of sustainability has drawn great attention from all over the world. To enhance the knowledge and solution skills on this issue, IC has developed another professional program of Sustainable Science and Engineering (SSE). Although this program is only 2-year old, from the growing rate of in-coming students and the feedback of the in school students, we have confidence in its promised education on up-to-date progress of the society and the whole world. Through the dedicated work by all members of our College, I look forward to another productive year in 2017 and beyond.

Today, we live in the world made of borders without borders. Multi-discipline and multi-potential become the required capability for the young generation. Be aware of need, we have urged to develop the third program of Letters in Business and Science(LBS) such that a systemic framework and its applications for sustainable well-being in the global era can be pursued.

With these three on-string professional arrows, we are looking forward to shooting the target for the bright future of students as well as the College.  

Warm regards,
Hsiao-Fan Wang